HOWTO wash your hair in space




The sensible thing to do would be to shave one’s head, or at least get a buzzcut. Undone long hair in zero gravity always looks like a cartoon electrocution anyway, or in this case a troll doll.


Is this what passes for research up there? Give us more robots.


It seems like that’s true only in the sense that it would be sensible for everyone on Earth to shave their heads, too. I mean, it would save a lot of time shampooing. (As someone with near-waist-length thick hair, I’ve certainly considered the potential benefits of just shaving it all off.) But if you wash your body anyway (and astronauts on the ISS do), washing your hair isn’t that much more of a big deal.


I dunno. Chris Hadfield wrung out a washcloth in space and people seemed pretty excited about that.


Yeah, whatever, dude… that was fucking awesome.


I never understood why women in space insist on the ‘big hair’ cut.
Short cropped hair would be way to go. You don’t have to go all bald.

Zero g Hairstyles could be the next big thing. Geeze look at Xeni, even before the cancer, she had a space age cut of hair ready for zero g.


Guile from Street Fighter?


That was my first thought when I saw the video too. But then, she’s just too damn talented to need to care what we think anyway —so kudos to her for uploading it and being informative.


Most of Earth is not wall-to-wall sensitive equipment, much of it critical to survival. And when hair falls out on Earth it falls gently to the ground (or shower drain screen) and stays there.


This is not research. It’s more of a “how do you do that in space?” episode.


Like the general masses care. Let’s spend billions of dollars too show how hair is washed in space. Thank you tax payers.


I would remind you that the Entire ISS has cost less than half of what was spent on the F-22 raptor – and the ISS doesn’t try to kill its users. (cf. “Raptor Lung.”)

Relatively speaking, this taxpayer got a helluva good deal on that zero-G hairwashing video.


The “waste of taxpayer dollars” troll seems to be a very common genus.


But never genius.


The same procedure with less hair:


Life in micro gravity does look a real chore, but it does allow for some epic quiff action.

Why does the astronaut’s hair stand up like that? Air currents? Static? The angle of the follicles?


Interesting stuff. I’d not heard of that before.


Man, I am astounded by all the people saying “astronauts should shave their heads bald” or “boo, she looks like a troll doll”. One, what astronauts do with their hair is up to them and let’s be honest- they’re the experts here, they’ll know a lot more about what will and will not impact their jobs or be a pain or whatever than random internet people.

Two: Long hair in space looks awesome. How can you not love the float-y, surreal, illustration-like way it twists and curls and moves?


Porn music!