Twin astronaut guinea pigs.. for science!


NASA chose 10 of the proposals from researchers at the agency and universities

I’m betting 95% plus of the proposals were about sending one of the twins off in a spaceship at nearly lightspeed…


Anybody want to kick in toward a t-shirt for Mark Kelly?

“My twin went to the ISS, and all I got was to be the lousy control subject.”


“Why can’t you be more like your brother? He’s an astronaut you know.”

“Mom, we’re both astronauts. You’re like the only person on the planet with two sons who are astronauts.”

“Yes but he’s the experiment, you’re just the control.”


It’s so nice to see something labeled science that actually is science! Go NASA!

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They always leave out the part about how they only sent up one but two came back.

Or… something like that. Honestly I’m not really feeling it today.


effects ≠ affects


I don’t think these are twins at all. Look closely - those are two completely different mustaches. I imagine if one of them returned from space near the speed of light, they would end up locked in mortal combat that would threaten the very fabric of spacetime itself.


One was mildly amiable, the other mildly peevish. The most boring transporter accident ever.


The one on the right has clearly lost more hair, and is clearly older.

Guess we know which one was sent off at near-light-speed.

Mark Kelly is also Gabby Gifford’s husband, right?

Yeah. That’s what they have been TELLING her, anyway.


The same? Scott is black on the right side … Mark is white on the right side. All of his people are white on the right side!


It could be worse. They could be white on the wrong side!

I know why they have the same hairdo (i.e. genetics) but why do they both have those horrible 'taches? Maybe they’re playing ‘tache chicken’ - the last one to shave wins some pointless battle.

Maybe because when it gets shaved it has to be kept shaved too often, otherwise it feels itchy/pokey/wrong whenever you move your upper lip?

Not worth the shaving, I tell you. Not worth it.

Really? Just the upper lip?
Don’t get me wrong. I hate shaving, but the alternative is, well, not my cup of tea.

Not just, but mostly. The rest was merely annoying, the upper lip thing was maddening.

You have to choose what you consider the lesser evil.

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My God! They’ve Cloned Major Dad.

If they both read Heinlein’s “Time for the Stars”, which one will finish first?