NASA astronaut Scott Kelly safely returns to Earth after year-long mission in space


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Is he in this country legally? Has anybody checked his papers? He’s probably just coming here to get our juicy welfare benefits and make a bunch of anchor babies.


NASA needs better mission patch designers. This is nowhere near as cool as the Apollo mission patches


First words back on Earth: Donald Trump, no freaking way!


How did he keep his head shaved so closely? Either he’s naturally hairless or NASA has electric space razor technology they’re holding out from us.


(Frantically searches for next available flight off-planet)


He landed in Kazakhstan didn’t he? And not even through a recognised port of entry.


Pretty sure they have a combined razor and vacuum device which they use for this.


Referring to the Apollo 11 patch, Mike Collins said that having a branch in the Eagle’s landing gear always seemed wrong to him.


I knew this was outer space technology from the future

ETA: Come to think of it, there’s a scene in Moon where GERTY is using a Flobee attachment on Sam…


Clearly it’s too early for me, because I spent a little time being astonished at the difference between those “before” and “after” pics.


I think in Kazakhstan the spaceport is actually one of the most important ports of entry (and exit).
For one thing, it’s landlocked (the Caspian is a lake).


Nasa should thrive under a Trump presidency…

[note sarcasm]


What? We’ll have the greatest gilded spacecraft on the planet!


Now I’m genuinely curious as to how this works. It’s not like there aren’t already laws about mundane things like copyright in space, so I’ll bet there’s some kind of international provision somewhere about landing astronauts. Especially during the cold war, when landing in the wrong political region could be bad news.

EDIT: Apparently we never truly loose the surly bonds of bureaucracy.

2nd EDIT: As I suspected, there’s a treaty.


With a “comb over”!


And more than a few rhinestones!


Interesting! Makes sense - if space travel ever becomes routine, national borders will become so porous. Imagine trying to interdict smuggled goods!


Space anchor babies!!


That’s nothing. What about the Nigerian Prince Astronaut who’s been in space, like, forever?