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I’m not sure that headline is as unrealistic as you think it is…

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My entry was supposed to be a reference to @daneel 's entry. I was combining “huffing” with “cards against humanity”. :smiley:

Skimpy Skirts made of Hippie Hair


over a decade’s worth of obsessive fruit-preparation technique


Canada now on eBay after grant is cut

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Video of Ferguson police street gangs


Here’s all the stuff the Pentagon has sold to Monopolists! - cheap!

Bieber recycled into furniture

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Tongue, an oral history of the strongest muscle in the body

Congress “apologizes”

The worst CNN anchor in the history of humankind

Edit: Sorry, Wolf.

Gene Simmons, disgusted at taste of human, kicks it in the face

I assume that he fauxpologized afterwards…


Copyright extortion startup wants to use water cannons

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Weds 8/20
Free snake with “Hideous Lantern Jaw”

I like this new “with illustration” trend…

We’re going to have to get back on track with the “game” part of this. Anyone have any more thoughts on that?

I’m a picture person, so when given the option to include a silly picture, I do so. :smile:

How about people post their headlines with the day above, like this:

Wed 8/20
Free snake with “Hideous Lantern Jaw”

You only get to post one “entry” per day. Non-entry post like this:

Wed 8/20: no votes!
Free snake with “Hideous Lantern Jaw”

Vote close 9AM EST as discussed before. Then you, or anyone, has time to post a winner. Those winners can be posted in one thread (called “Huffing BB Winner List”) using date lines, like this:

Tues 8/19:
Wed 8/20: @waetherman
Thurs 8/21:

Does that make it easier?

That would make things a little easier. I still like the idea of polls/voting if we can find a way to embed that. I’m going to do some research… it’s better than working!

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Canadian Government Orders Scientists Not to Disclose it is OK to Pee in the Ocean


I agree - I think this way, for now, it’ll keep things to two threads - which I don’t see how to do with polls. They require a head. Also, as long as it’s a running thread with only that content, anyone can post the winner if they check and see it isn’t done yet. That’ll keep it out of strictly your hands.

Want to give it a try?

Crowdfunding a print edition of Cats and watermelons magazine