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There are a lot of Shanghai Disneyland genres I normally avoid, and a diverse character drone could possibly change my mind!

If you have to ask, you’re too happy.

Gotta hand it to the police for this one:

Gotta hand it to the CIA for this one:

There are a lot of CIA genres I normally avoid, and a diverse character Director John Brennan could possibly change my mind!


Just when you thought racism couldn’t get any worse…


TOS, plz:

You never know what the boffins at Yahoo will come up with next!


It’s all about ethics in… wait, DA FUQ?


There was no other way to fit them in the overhead compartment.

Because there’s going be be fucking more of them.


The Womanizer suggests you intoxicate your lady friends for Christmas


Bloomingdales: amazing new kind of orgasm-inducing sex-toy with a dumb name


100 useful tips from baby Cthulhu



Their business case will blow your mind.

Hasn’t that been obvious for years?

Take out the middleman and PROFIT!

Is it available as a rental?




If it will help my memory, I’ll ban anything.

::blink blink::

Well, at least Marceu won’t be talking on Fox News anymore.

Surprisingly, this is not the largest installation the Venice Biennale has seen.

Ralph Peters is a candy-apply hookah!


Drug price-hiker Matrin Shkreli With a Gun

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fine im going home


Seems perfectly in line with the site :grin:


Is this the first time somebody not-me has posted a bot post? I’m so proud!


Here’s another good’n… First I was like HA! Then I was like “I feel like throwing up.”


There is a large contingent of botteurs who would argue that bots should never meddle with such stuff. I’m on the fence.


It’s just a stupid robot. Its brain is just text a human decided would construct simultaneously cromulent and comedically worthy sentences. It hasn’t the ability to understand the death of a loved one. It doesn’t understand the vagaries of a life. It’s just a set of rules acting on a dataset. I don’t blame the bot for its ignorance, and no human programmer could predict all the ways such a piece of software might impact the lives of its observers. The world is chaotic, and disinterested.

This bot is intentionally a bulwark against the bottomless despair of knowing the truth in this universe. That everything is finite. That the comforts of love and acceptance are at best temporary. And that all those we love will some day be gone from us. So it must be insensitive. So that we may laugh instead of cry.


That’s arguable. We, as programmers or non-, can certainly envision bots that coldly calculate equations dealing with death destruction, images of swastikas, explosions, executions, &c. If we have a news-manipulating bot, should we keep the bot from manipulating these images? Should we bar it from using certain words that may show up organically, but in awkward contexts (n1**er1 or gay or whatever)?

I’ve used the wordfilter module on a few bots, I’ve also whitelisted some of the words.

See also:

Obviously, some people think about these things more than I do. I am ambivalent.

New Gun Myths


The world’s smallest violin has a competitor:

seasons is so logical it’s PROGRAMMER LOGICAL

Turing-complete raccoon is SUPER PROGRAMMER LOGICAL