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Rand Paul walking upright like a human

Rand Paul flees mid-burger just before Steve King goes ape over monkey photo decision


You know what would make this all easier; polls. Any way we could embed a poll here? otherwise I think it’s hard to come to a vote at the right time with just likes…


I agree! Sorry, don’t know how. Will look around, tho’.

Edit: Found this meta topic that tells ya how to do it. It looks like polls need to be their own topic in Discourse. I’ll try it inline here j.i.c. - writing another reply.

No go. Looks like it won’t work unless as a new post.

How the world may end: Watermelon vendor turf war


Cool. Keeping likes and actual voting separate would be great.

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While not strictly a headline mashup, I got a good chuckle out of this.

First US hospital to treat American Ebola victims: Everyone shows up for work drunk, without pants


1984 Sesame Street segment: “I am a god”


[Alleged python thief crashes] 1 the damn Internet

Test (Informal test to see if polling can be inserted) “Some sort of announcement that posting for Wednesday has closed.” “Some sort of announcement that a poll for Wednesday 8/6 will follow.”

[Retroactively added poll link][1] (Closed)
[1]: Closed Poll: Wednesday 8/6 headlines

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Nicely played - dropped a vote in on it. :slight_smile:

Russia bans teenager’s erection.


How casinos get people to cleanse America of gays and atheists

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Thanks. I’ll try another mock run for tomorrow with Thursday’s titles, but I’ll open it at a more normal hour and get the numbering right on the links back to the main thread.


Schneier skeptical of NYT’ssevered penishack story

Vote Test: I’m making this the mark to close entries for Thursday’s polling test. Poll to follow. It will stay open until I get around to closing it on Monday morning.

Poll for Thursday 8/7 entries is open.

The Dummies’ Guide To CIA Torture

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Edward Snowden has too much sexy sex

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Why I hate nerdy white guys

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