Human Grey Poupon stain Ethan Couch to be released from prison

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Fuck this stupid world. Let’s move to the moon.


The lawyer cited the fact that the lad’s family was so loaded that he’d grown up rich enough to be shielded from having to learn about right and wrong.



My sole sentiment whenever I read about someone this deplorable:


Fucker will probably make serious bank as a motivational speaker if he doesn’t do something stupid in he next 6 months.


What’s truly fucked is that any judge or jury could buy it.

Was the prosecution asleep at the wheel maybe? I can only imagine it’d take a single expert witness to sink that defense.

Licensed Psychologist: “Yeah, that’s not a thing.”


I’m not even sure that you’d need a licensed psychologist(and I’d be much less sure that ‘rich beyond the need to learn ethics’ isn’t a thing; if anything this case seems to be a solid anecdote of exactly that); just “and that’s why it’s our duty, and our privilege, to give this unfortunate lad the consequences his upbringing has so cruelly denied him…”

It’s actually a rare case where both retributive and rehabilitative models of justice demand that you punish the perp vigorously; and for the reasons presented by the defense no less.




Is anyone better off for this post having inspired impotent rage at something that none of us are equipped to change? Or is it just exhausting psychic energy that might have been more fruitfully applied elsewhere?

It might have once been the case that that exposing injustice inspired people to act; now that we’re confronted with an endless barrage of dispiriting information, it only grinds us down. You could even argue that the best way to serve our capitalist overlords is to continuously deliver the message that all things work toward their ends, and all avenues of reform have been hopelessly subverted.

If the object is really to promote social change, BB does much better when it promotes maker culture than when it preaches to the choir on the evils of capitalism.


Hey, I happen to like Dijon mustard.


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You’re not wrong. I honestly think the problem is fear. The capitalists and the state are really good at traumatizing us, but we’re really fucking good at imagining better worlds. I’m reminded of the song Johnny by Tom Frampton (who once took a run at Dick Cheney):

But tonight I don’t care if we win a million hearts
Unless we rip them out their chests and start throwing them at cars


Human Grey Poupon stain Ethan Couch to be released from prison

This comparison truly is unfair and unwarranted. To Grey Poupon and to Grey Poupon stains.


It’s always important when mentioning this garbage kid of garbage parents to also recall the name of the now-retired judge who bought the “affluenza” defense: Jean Hudson Boyd, your extended 15 minutes of fame continues!


I wasn’t sure which rich-white-kid-that-got-off-easy it was until the helping a felon flee to Mexico part


When I was a kid it was called “shop class” and I don’t remember it upending the status quo.

Maybe “maker culture” has nothing to do with social change?

Maybe we just prefer articles that tell us we’re special because we have expensive hobbies?


OK. He’s a spoilt rich brat, along the lines of the chinese princelings. Identical stories.

The law should apply equally to all. In this era of free information flow, we not only find out the facts of a case, but we can see with x-ray vision through the entire tissue of lies and deceipt. Now we need the money trail. And there’s always money. I rather suspect blockchain technologies will provide.

How about crowd-sourcing the effort to get this tosspot chucked back in jail?

This has obviously gone through because (1) smart smooth talking lawyer pressing the buttons like a monkey and (2) money. It didn’t hit a substantive roadblock. It slipped through, deftly. That is wrong.

Just do the fucker. Send him back, and set up a movement to counter this kind of bullshit. Put the rich on notice. Money doesn’t actually put you outside the law.


IMHO the problem here is less that he got 720 days in prison than that so many others get extremely long sentences for lesser crimes. USA is an outlier in how many people are put in jail and how cruel conditions are in jail.


But do you drive (well, be chauffeured) around in your Rolls Royce asking fellow rich people if they have a specific brand of it?

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Sure does turn out that way a lot though… :thinking: