Human toe used in "sourtoe cocktail" stolen from Canadian bar


At least it’s not a pickled pecker.


Only because they are harder to cum by.

I mean, blowjob shots are a thing.



The suspect was obviously a cellular biologist. As he walked out, he said to the bartender, “My toe, sis.”


Not the first time they’ve lost it…


I knew this hand made the round at least once before.

But, Mr. Lee said the man instead swished the toe into his mouth, washed it down with a beer chaser and then slapped $500 onto the bar — the Downtown Hotel’s going fine for toe-swallowing.

So not only do they have a toe-tradition, apparently there’s a related tradition of swallowing the toe, common enough that there’s an established fine associated with doing so.

To date, as many as 15 “sour toes” have been lost, stolen or ingested, with the inaugural toe being accidentally swallowed in 1980 by gold miner Garry Younger.

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