Humorous ad about South African explorer discovering Europe in 1650

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so it’s a chicken bigmac ?


Love the bit where he helps them out by turning the map the other way around.


It’s a Chicken Royal, with cheese!

He swats away the oncoming shark! Awesomeness!


I get the objections… but I did enjoy that.


Essentially, the plot of Babakiueria | 1986.

Chicken Licken said it wanted to show that South Africa had “all the potential to conquer the world and rewrite history from an African perspective”.

Boy howdy, I sure love it when people rewrite history! That’s a good thing!
Hold on, lemme just…
Holocaust voluntary immigration and tragic suicides
Comfort Women spontaneous romantic liasons
Moon Landing Hollywood production

Ahhh yes, that’s the stuff!

When what’s widely received as “history” is written by greedy, racist, sexist, land-grabbing, etc. conquerors, it bloody well should be rewritten.


Clear echo of Pastwatch by Orson Scott Card (Yes, troublesome right there with his detestable views. These were not common knowledge when I read the book, which made a strong point and got stuck in my head.) in which time travelers from the eco-shabby future decide Christopher Columbus is the pinch point of history and aim to squeeze off a massive reboot. Memorable.

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From the actual source:


In other words: a proper and historically-correct way to depict the reverse-factual situation in this commercial would have been to send an army of Tsosti who would land in a Dutch harbor and cruelly slaughter a bunch of cheese heads to assert ownership over the land?

I’m surprised they didn’t complain about the shark and black panther scenes, which is a perversion of the truth (sharks and black panthers being potentially mortal predators).


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