Planetary-scale chicken




There’s an animated version of this somewhere on the web that might be worth seeking out and being linked in the comments. I can’t find it though.


Poor Greenland: the ass-end of Chicken Earth.


Chicken Boo, what’s the matter with you?


My new favourite map projection.


Is Antarctica in there?


Lower end of the rump.


I’m immediately making that a question on an exam.


Animated via plate tectonics?


I thought that was Greenland.

Also, it’s not “the world’s countries” really, it’s “the world’s landmasses”. If we cut out each individual country I bet we could make some really awesome shapes.


Ah, yes, the Rorschach Red. Exists on a diet of tea leaves.


Looks like a rooster to me.


“If we decide to take this level of business-creating capability nationwide, we’ll all be plucking chickens for a living.”-Ross Perot, 1992

Maybe he was really onto something there.


I think this was the configuration of the continents during the Early Phasianidean period.


I told you that guy landmass was a chicken!


That’s a big chicken.


I guess some people just see cocks in everything.


It’s known as the Colonel Sanders Projection.


Just look at it.


It’s clearly a chicken from the Mercator species. A Peters chicken would have massive legs and a much smaller body. Would be much better eating as far as I’m concerned.