The map of the continental United States contains an elf making chicken




It borders Colorado, so no wonder :wink:


I hesitate to bring it up, but isn’t West Virginia the steam blowing out of the chicken’s ass?


I don’t believe any of those are real places.


I was reading it the other way, so Tennessee looks like the “panhandle.”


To the right of that, facing the opposite direction, is The Grinch with a chef hat and wings.


I misread the headline as “making a chicken,” thought it was a term for bestiality, and so, what I sort of saw in the map was elf sex.

I’m glad he’s actually cooking a chicken, instead of er, making one.


I see a chicken-making elf.


This has got to be the silliest thing in a long time.


When I was taught this stuff in elementary school, the teacher called it a chef. Because Minnesota looks like a large chef’s hat.

First time I’ve seen Kentucky called a chicken though, but I can see it now!


As is the lower part of Florida.


Leela: Is that a Hobbit?
Bender: No, that’s a hobo and a rabbit. But they’re making a Hobbit.


We were taught about MIMAL in elementary school, too, but Kentucky was his trumpet, not a chicken.


Then you put your dick… in that pan… o/~


Or an elf so well hung he needs a little wheelbarrow to move it around. And now I have a new name for Tennessee.


♩♪ all my exes live in Texas
that’s why I now reside in Mimal’s dick-wheelbarrowww! ♪♫


If you really and sincerely think that looks like “a chicken”, then you are probably eating too many mushrooms.


Can you seriously say that nothing about the shape of Kentucky suggests a chicken drumstick to you?


Looks to me like an elf whacking off.


I remember Mr Mimal from when I was in school, but this is the first I’ve seen of the chicken and pan.

I had a Geography teacher who liked to portray the gulf coast as a sneezing face, with Cuba as the unfortunate effluent.