Hundreds of Americans planted those unsolicited mystery seeds from China

In the event there are any ‘meteor showers’ throwing green light I will be in the cellar under the covers.


How to destroy America just send every one Japanese not weed and wait for them to plant it…

Man, people freak out about mint? I say skip the beach and gasoline, and buy a couple of handles of rum and a bag of ice, and invite friends over (post-pandemic of course).

Mojito party until the mint is gone.

If it comes back, well… Mojito party again!


I will not have you disparaging Frankenwein, sir!


John - of course I meant John, not Robert - Wyndham- one of the most underrated Sci-Fi writers and #2 on my list, right behind the Good Doctor. Let the controversy begin …


Robert Wyndham?

No thats Christopher Wyndham, who wrote A Dream of Wessex. The book Inception was based off.

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I told you there’d be controversy … of course I meant John

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A true master of subtle horror…

Triffids is great, but my favorite has always been Out of the Deeps, aka The Kraken Wakes.


Toddlers in adult bodies: “OH, look a new and strange thing I know nothing about, didn’t order and packed with no labeling of any sort. I will put it in my mouth and eat it.”

I’m fine with Social Darwinism of this sort but jumpin’ Jesus on a trampoline how do these people survive day to day life? “Oh my, that spilled toner does look yummy!”

Wiki doesn’t say if the seeds of this morning glory contain lysergic acid like its cousins. An invasive hallucinogenic plant? I can handle it.

Yeah, I probably would have planted mystery seeds. In some place safe-ish, because I have books by Wyndham and watched the original Little Shop and sang the musical. I should know better, but my curiosity gets me into trouble sometimes.

Back when I had a house and yard, I fought with a pigweed aka bindweed aka “but it looks like a morning glory” infestation for 10 years in the back garden, and had to hack down a beautiful wisteria and and a trumpet vine (and then hack out the roots, for months) because they were planted next to the garage 60 years earlier, and had started heaving up the walls.
I accepted the “Creeping Charlie” (never heard that name before!) that replaced the lawn in the front corner of the yard. It was greener than grass during the dry times, and my neighbors were jealous until they looked and saw I was growing what they considered a weed.


Thought at first that you were referring to the sandals with suit, and I was like 'but they’re such nice sandals" and then finally things came into focus.


Not to be that guy, but plastic cutlery would be a fomite, not a vector.

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This could definitely be a scene in Idiocracy:

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