Hungry man defeats TSA's war on peanut butter by spreading it on crackers


Mock away, hipsters, but what if it had been terror-butter?


This sets a dangerous precedent!

Now, all that remains is for some Al Qaeda indoctrinated, George Washington Carver inspired TERRRORRIST!!1! to design a peanut based explosive.

We are all doomed!

Think of the children!
Also, choosy terrorists choose .gif :stuck_out_tongue:


note to self, freeze some tooth paste, shampoo and bottles of water before getting on the plane.


I was on a plane next to someone who had a cooler full of ice to make ice packs for an injury. The flight attendent helpfully reminding her that she would need to drain off the melted water before going through security again, because the ice, as a solid, was allowed, but the liquid water was not.


Obligatory link to classic SNL skit…

Surprised that they didn’t detain him under suspicion of witchcraft.




Thus providing exact measurements to slam two identical buttered cookies together …

(And blame you all for perfecting the contents!)

Little black pastes of nitrogen scattered everywhere.

Obligatory “Avatar - The Last Airbender” quote:
“Yes, but unfortunately the incendiary capabilities of peanut sauce prove to be a failure.” - Mechanist

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It seems reminiscent of the solution to the sort of puzzle you’d find in an old-timey Lucasfilm or Sierra adventure game.


This is similar to an issue I had with a pre-packaged salad a few years ago. Couldn’t bring it through with the dressing in its pouch (which didn’t have volume labeled and therefore also couldn’t go in my little liquids bag), but if I opened the pouch and put the dressing on the lettuce it was magically ok now.


Or even older than that.

You put the peanut butter crackers together.
Floyd asks if you want to play hucka-bucka-beanstalk.

You jest, but that psycho could have killed any man, woman or child aboard who happened to have a severe peanut allergy and a penchant for stealing strangers’ crackers.


i hear that peanut butter is also the best way to get out of a cavity search. :slight_smile:

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I don’t want to be a party pooper, and I do think this highly believable, but that’s a story from an anonymous person without further verification on the Internet. I don’t think takingsenseaway would make it up (especially given his history), but how far could he go to verify it?

I’m just waiting for some crazy to come up with a liquid that reacts explosively with stomach acid.

“Oh, I have to drink it or give it up? Well, bottoms up!”

Who wants to bet that the next thing the TSA bans is any peanut derived product?
“People are fatally allergic to that stuff man, what are you trying to do, kill someone?”

Side thought… C4 and other types of explosives are solids right? :wink:

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Great. Now it’s just a matter of time before TSA workers learn that humans are 55-65% water.


I always figured that if one really wanted to smuggle a larger volume of banned liquid on board then just fill your bladder via a catheter.
Next up – ultra-sound scans…
Is that ascites or did you fill your abdominal cavity with explosive fluids.