Hunter Biden found guilty

Jesus's favorite #gun


Why does GOPTeens hate Jesus? :rofl:

Regarding the OP, at least the defendent took Hunter safety lessons…

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and people commit felonies when sober.


Ok. You said it. 20 points to House Mitchell.

But, I hear a radio playing in my head from an alternate timeline in which DJT is complaining how the trial against his son is unfair, rigged, and run by a corrupt Democrat judge. That everyone agrees the trial was rigged and that the jury is full of America-hating idiots. That the teleprompter crew that hooked this thing up are idiots that probably are not going to get paid for this awful work.

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I don’t doubt he’d say all of that, repeatedly. It’s easy and at worst costs him nothing because it’s the same kind of stuff he’d be saying anyway and at best it benefits him.
I just have my doubts he’d actually do anything about it - hell, there’d be a good chance he’d decide to let DJ rot so he can keep fundraising off his son being “unfairly” imprisoned as a “hostage.”

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It took them about 3 seconds to move the goalposts and claim that the trail and conviction are driven by partisan politics to distract from the real Biden crimes.

People that argue/opine/conspiracy in bad faith to begin with don’t care about facts or reality. I’m not sure how to solve that problem. How does one even communicate with someone who objectively doesn’t care about reality? Likewise, you cannot just ignore them.


While it might not be obvious, I do think there is an effect every time they do that. While it doesn’t affect the “true believers,” it does affect independents and those who aren’t full cult members. See how T**** shows ever-eroding support even from within the GOP? That’s the result of shit like this. Every time the MAGAts and Q-cult take another step further from reality, they lose more allies.


Oh they were making that argument 3 seconds after the charges were announced, not 3 seconds after the conviction.


Wasn’t Trumpy offering to sell pardons for a cool million? Can Trumpy Junior get his hands on that kind of cash?


I can picture that very difficult decision…

Pardon or blow?

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I think this belongs here.


He can ask his brother-in-law. Saudi cash… forever at work.


Bob’s guilty? I mean, doesn’t everyone store spare cash as gold bars in jackets in the closet?

/s, obviously.

Yes, he’s guilty as hell and should resign and I detest that I know exactly why he hasn’t (would give up the barest of controls of Congress).


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