Huntington Park appoints undocumented immigrants to town commissions

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Daring move for the town, but even more daring for the individuals chosen to take on commissions. Are they looking for a confrontation with INS (or whatever it’s called now)? Won’t they just be deported immediately? I’m not sure if this is meant to be a publicity stunt or if the town expects that real change can happen here.

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California doesn’t hunt down undocumented workers and chase them out of the state. We give them Driver’s Licenses and health care.

They are people who contribute, valuably, to our economy and our culture.


Well, that’s quite civilized!

Neighboring city…
Latinos’ rising fortunes are epitomized in Downey - LA Times
I’m afraid to read the comments, though, since there are a lot of racist white folks in Downey.
Even though they are revitalizing the city, every time that a new Hispanic business opens, there are cries that Downey is turning into a ghetto.

Downey has never been so wonderful it couldn’t be improved with some minority owned businesses.

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Perhaps their next step is to secede from the USA?

You are few so you have to get noisy to appear like many.

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