CA’s Gov Newsom trolls Desantis

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Bring the fight to them.


A gentle gut punch. we need to do much more of this. See a nazi say a nazi. Once they wouldn’t dare show their faces, now that a nazi has been president they creep out of their sewers and think they are safe to be among decent people. They must never be allowed to feel as if they are welcome among decent folks, they are carriers of hate and death. worse by far than a filthy rat because a rat is true to its form. Nazis are a perversion.


As someone who has lived in Florida for 25 years (?!!!) … this amuses me greatly.

More please!


While I enjoy the sentiment, I suspect it’s just going galvanize the folks in Florida watching fox news. The chances of any conservative in Florida being swayed by the arguments of a “librul gubner on the left coast” are slim to none.


Don’t care. Keep doing it. It will get through to a few. And sometimes, that’s all it takes.

Besides, they’re ALREADY doing these vile things. We literally can’t make it worse than “GOP is stripping Americans of their rights and freedom” by pointing that out every time they turn on the television.

Fuck the death cult. Fuck Desatan.


Come to California - where you can contribute to our housing crisis and find you can’t afford to live here! Give up Florida to the Nazis (and, soon, the ocean)!

It’s a nice bit of tr0lling, but I’m not sure how helpful this actually is… Also, it’s a bit weird that this is a campaign ad. Newsom clearly isn’t trying to appeal to voters in Florida… or is he? Is he hoping that they’ll move to California and vote for him? My god, Democrats are trying to bring in immigrants to vote for them!

That would be very helpful. A couple ads isn’t going to remotely cut it, but yeah, I’d very much like to see that.


What is Newsom’s goal here? Is it merely expensive trolling? Is he trying to get disaffected Floridians to move to Cali? To me, it looks like Newsom is picking a fight with the guy he thinks he’s going to be running against for President in 2024 or 2028 … am I crazy? In any case, I like Newsom’s brass.


I think we are hitting the point where if they’re LGBTQ or capable of getting pregnant, they’re less ordinary immigrants and more refugees. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’ll admit, I was slightly tempted. I’m pretty worried about that thing with the ocean.

Pretty sure California has a large number of Nazis too.

This is what I got from the subtext.


They’re just mostly not in control of things here, though.


I probably would have said “don’t them them take your freedom. Don’t let them take anyone’s freedom”

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As usual, it’s about appealing to swing voters and independents, not those “moderate Nazis” over whom centrists always wring their hands


I hope they run a similar ad here in Texas, re: getting rid of the Troika & the Politboro members.

Since Czar Abbott has pretty much been ruling by decree for over a year, I would say that fascism has already arrived in Texas.
Fuck moving, though… that just hands the fascists a win.

This ought to rile up those that aren’t among DeSatan’s Disciples & is probably intended for the fall election.
It might also be a shot across DeSatan’s bow if he decides to take on You Know Who for the FDC nomination.

Something is better than nothing; and it gives notice that DeSatan’s actions aren’t being ignored.

Given the relative lack of high-profile potential candidates on the Dem side, this may well be a publicity stunt to raise his profile.
Glad he did it, though.

Just think: the SCOTUS is just getting started. The Jackass Squad has a few months off to decide who to fuck over next.


Without at all diminishing the immediacy of taking away the rights of hundreds of millions of Americans, I think their ruling on carbon dioxide emissions might have done that for everyone on the planet. So many people are going to suffer and die before the former can be fixed…but survivors will still be left to endure permanent damage from the second even after it is.

The only mitigation I know is the bitter thought that we were probably going to let a lot of it happen anyway, which…yeah. :cry:


Which makes the Jackass Squad guilty of crimes against humanity at the very least.
‘Genocide’ seems like such a small term when talking about everyone on Earth.


Anyone watching Fox news really a “swing voter” or “independent”? If so are they going to be won over by a politician from out of state like this? or are they going to find it condescending and a turn off? Then again maybe this is all about appealing to his base and California anyway through second hand media reports? /shrug.

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Yes! Moar please. Stop letting the craziest people in this country hijack language, the flag and patriotism. They’ve bent language to such a degree that this message carries a strong punch. What he’s describing is true freedom and that’s exactly the framing every civil-minced person should be using. If literally anyone is loved by this it’s a bigger success than Pelosi’s poems (love you Nancy, but read the frikkin’ room).


They should trade residents of their respective Orange Counties. Florida’s leans left and California’s leans far right.


Texas next, please!