Hurricane Florence makes pig poop ponds overflow in North Carolina

They fertilized the fields around here with nitrates and manure the last couple of days. My smell sense was tingling. Since it doesn’t involve a pigmageddon overflow, that’s okay.

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Count your blessings, huh?

Also smh @ “pigmageddon”; you know that’s gonna be a thing now, right?


Will it involve Bruce Willis?

I think some people have already been using it.



I don’t even want to know; I refuse to google.


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If that doesn’t work, we can always get Mr. Tinyhands to throw some paper towels at it.


they have killed a man more than once

Not really worth getting resurrected for. “Lazarus, rise up! … Whoops, there he goes again.”


So Trump was right. He predicted that a red wave was coming.

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“they have killed a man more than once” - you’d think after the first time he’d have learned his lesson.


Perfect metaphor for industrial civilization.


The mods/staff have the control here, no one else.

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If you want to have a conversation about veganism, you’re always free to go start one.


The racial makeup of the county was 58.67% White

No, these are “real Americans”, he will make sure that they get all the help they need.

Whether that help will actually be useful is another matter.


It depends on the circumstances.

When a mod is doing a manual thread cleanup (which is unfortunately often necessary because so many human beings are rude, ignorant, and aggressive) there’s often collateral damage. Replies and references to deleted posts can disappear as mods work to preserve topic continuity and provide the best experience for other readers. Unlike the kind of deletion that you’d get based on your own behavior, this will not show in your history as you being sanctioned, but you’ll get no notices that it happened.

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Thank you everyone who explained what I didn’t understand!

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