Hurricane Irma turned these green Caribbean islands brown


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Short explanation: the shit hit the fan.


And ‘don’t it make my brown eyes blue.’



Not to diminish the apparent widespread destruction, which seems to be borne out from newscast video and photos, but the color balance seems notably different in the before and after photos.

Note the contrasting color of the ocean in the Virgin Gorda before-and-after photos. Irma didn’t suck the blue out of the ocean.


Didn’t read the whole post huh?



Having actually lived in the Caribbean, I can attest that the color of the water can look vastly different after any incident of inclement weather, even when it’s not catastrophic; a mild storm can displace enough sand & debris to make the clearest bodies of water ‘muddy-looking.’


I can tell by the pixels.


It’s always the pixels, they are a dead give away…


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