Hurricane Matthew: 339 dead in Haiti, storm threatens Florida and 'Space Coast' sites

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Last night there was mandatory evacuation in Dadeland, and for some reason the morons we hire to run the store thought they knew better than mall security and stayed till 11PM.

They sent us an email at 6PM their time saying “Mall security has ordered us to leave.”

So I shut down their store server. Five minutes later I’m getting a phone call from the site where they’re complaining their POSes have gone offline.

I just deadpanned “what are you still doing in the store?”

“We’re not leaving until closing time at 11.”

“You should leave, and I’m not turning the server back on. Go home to your families.”


I’ve been following this one a bit. Have colleagues in Charleston and a few friends in Savannah.

I don’t miss living down there, but I hope everyone is okay.


We can rebuild the space coast (at least the buildings and infrastructure)… we can’t rebuild 339 unique human beings.


Also, it looks like the NHC’s site is down. Probably slashdotted or whatever the kids call it these days.




Florida Man will find a way. God bless.


Hey guys, it’s actually fine, Drudge said so.

I guess the hundreds dead are really fine! Where are the “truthers” willing to go down there to prove they aren’t really dead, or never existed?


True, but you could save a lot more than 339 lives for the money it may cost to rebuild. Haiti might need a bit, for example.

Just remember when you express your concern for the Haitian people, don’t give Wyclef any money. Give it to Sean Penn.


We are safe in Australia, however this was an interesting reflection on Katrina:

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Waiting to hear the fate of my mother’s much-repaired vacation trailer, a couple blocks from the Indian River opposite the space center. She was going to sell it . . . the storm could turn it from something worth a couple thousand to something she’ll need to pay a couple of thousand to clean up.

There is a urban myth / belief that Cape Canaveral was chosen as the site for the space center because it was historically a no-go zone for hurricanes.


Indeed. Haiti has long needed money to rebuild, from the earthquake, political unrest, etc. Unfortunately, France has demanded repayment for their war a few hundred years ago (which was paid off only historically recently), which has kept the country in a state of deep indebtedness. Haiti needs money to rebuild, their debts forgiven, and a serious boost to their economy across the board.

We are actually rich enough to do both, but we won’t because charity is seen as a poor investment and since the only thing that matters is the bottom line, we won’t help much (or we’ll promise to help and then welch). Plus, you know, we got to keep drone bombing weddings and such in Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan…

But again, the lives lost can’t ever be replaced. Those are dead human beings and it feels a bit icky to compare their deaths to possibly losing some of the infrastructure on cape Canaveral.


Can we give it to the Haitians instead?

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Hope she’s safe! Let us know when you hear anything.


What in dog’s name were people doing shopping at a time like that?

Anyway, good for you cajoling them to go home. Glad someone had some sense.


Seriously. Anyone who’s anyone would’ve been at someone’s Hurricane/Typhoon Party. Got no power, roads are pretty much closed or under water, and it’s just dumb to be outside…unless you have access to a large parking lot, a skateboard, and a sheet or piece of sail-worthy material. In that case, I’d recommend having some goggles and multiple beers first.


I have not (and will not) watch this video:

Timeline suggests this person is serious (although of dubious sanity).


I was wondering who’d be the first to make this hurricane a political figure.