Husky fluffer enjoys cronching ice cubes on a hot day

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Actually, he seems to be licking the water around the ice. I doubt there would be cronching. Lots of slurping though.

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I love the single black whisker on his right side (our left).
He looks so content.

My cavalier loves ice cubes. If I open the freezer, he’s right there waiting…

Are you sure that’s not actually a fluffy husker?

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Until I saw the picture, I assumed this story was about an overweight person paid to give porn stars erections


Not too surprising—Huskies like to eat rodents, bones and all. The “crunch, crunch, crunch” sound can give you the willies, though. Then there’s my old Siberian who liked the black walnuts that fell in the back yard.

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Pro tip: don’t answer ads looking for ‘husky fluffers’.

Unless you really really like dogs.


Not only do the humans possess the secret of the doorknob conundrum; they have knowledge of localized winter synthesis…

One dog is definitely OK with having abandoned the wolves and become a collaborator.

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