Hydroxychloroquine doesn't work against COVID-19 and may cause heart problems, largest study of its kind shows

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I dunno about this. It seems fishy. Who are you gonna believe, rigorous, scientific studies that have undergone peer review? Or a proven serial liar?


Trump’s problem is that he considers himself to be the most brilliant person in the country. When he knows more about medicine than medical professionals, we end up with idiotic things like Hydroxychloroquine being the preferred treatment for Covid-19.


Yet another medical study says hydroxychloroquine, the drug much hyped by Donald Drumpf, is not effective against COVID-19 and could also cause deadly heart problems.

Not only a clown, but a dangerous clown. The evidence keeps rolling in.


Well of course they don’t want you taking the miracle drug that our stable genius n-dimensional-chess-playing Supreme Leader recommended. They just want to make him look bad and deny you the ability to die patriotically for your country from massive heart damage instead of COVID. Those bastards.


Yeah, they’re probably trying to stop the elderly from being sacrificed for the good of Supreme Leader’s bank account the economy, too. How selfish can they be?


Darnit, seems legit. So if I want the taste of peaceful revolution while in care, can I nosh on Carolina Reapers while watching my lungs consider taking off down a clear or 3D printed tube, or should I stick to four-star spicy and/or 100mg CBD per star to keep the heart chaser out of it?


Utterly predictable: People smuggling in the stuff from overseas and selling it directly.


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Well, he says that he is a genius and that he inherited the science thing from his uncle so maybe… Of course the evidence suggests it more likely that he inherited the KKK thing from his father and his genius from a cornered Queens rat.


And yet more time and money will be wasted studying this because Il Douche said it and it therefore must be proven true. He really did take a lesson from NK, didn’t he?


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