Trump-endorsed fake COVID treatment killed 12000 in the US alone

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Just to be fair, there’s probably a few “drug of last resort” cases in this figure. If you’re likely to die and nothing else is working, trying this unlikely remedy might seem reasonable.


Here you go:


Just to be more fair, Trump is responsible for more than 12,000 deaths from COVID due to denial of the seriousness of the virus and claiming it was a Democrat Hoax despite being privy to information otherwise, chilling enthusiasm for the vaccine, cheering on the anti-mask crowd among his faithful, and advocating for basically any cure that had a basis in pseudoscience over science.

When my brother died from COVID, he was already in an induced coma and on a vent. I’m sure that’s not the case for everyone who died from COVID, but he was in no condition to seek out a drug of last resort. Conjecture over your “probably a few” cases seems entirely beside the point.


Anything and everything to be the #1 source of everything. “Only I can fix it”, including making up bullshit out of whole cloth (or, in this case, accepting someone else’s whole cloth bullshit nonsense and making it their own just to show “da libs” who’s boss).

Fsck this guy forever.


I had to remark that I find it wonderful that SatansToast self censors. Just cheeky :slight_smile:

Do we have numbers on how many tried to swallow/inject bleach? I guess it will be impossible to know how many tried fiber optics up the rectum to redirect sunlight.


There should be ER records that researchers can delve into. It would be illuminating.


If we come out the other side of this waking nightmare I expect these years will keep researchers busy for decades mining the evidence of stupidity and criminal negligence.

Oops - now got to strap on a happy face and live up to my moniker :smiling_face:


The paper in question is probably this one:

The estimate is implausible and pulled out of the authors’ butts. Though HCQ is not good for heart rhythm, it isn’t particularly toxic - remember, it was included in the serious high-quality drug trials that were conducted at the time, and they found no evidence for any effect either way. The critiques at PubPeer are to the point.


What leads you to that conclusion? Their methodology is spelled out quite clearly in that link you gave, and if that, to you, says, “pulled out of the authors’ butts,” I suggest you read it again. Also, there’s this from that study:

Given that reliable data on hospitalizations, HCQ use and in-hospital mortality for most countries, these numbers likely represent the tip of the iceberg only thus largely underestimating the number of HCQ-related deaths worldwide.

In other words, it’s almost certainly higher than 17,000.

No one is saying it’s toxic. No one is saying the hydroxychloroquine killed these 17,000 people directly. What the report is saying is that 17,000 people died after being treated for COVID with hydroxychloroquine who likely would have survived had they been treated with something that is actually effective at treating COVID.


Go on, drink the Kool Aid, it doesnt have poison in it, just hydroxychloroquine!

Please, can we stop making excuses for fascists. We know what Trump did during the pandemic, and people died because of it. He made choices that hurt a lot of people and killed many (not just this 12,000, either - the choice to let the pandemic rage because it was at first hitting blue cities also had a major impact on getting the thing under control).

THAT is something we should focus on, because he’s running for president again. :woman_shrugging: No “to be fair” to fascists. NONE.


I still believe, since Trump owns stock in companies that make hydroxychloroquine, that this was his attempt at some sort of insider trading, pump up a drug they manufacture so their stock rises and he profits, however tiny that profit is. What’s the statute of limitations on this sort of fraud?

This. That’s really the only kind of interpretation one can pull from excess death data. There isn’t any cause and effect to read into it, just association. Still, in this case that association is pretty powerful.


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