Hypnotic film of iridescent crystals growing

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I used to love magic rocks; I must have grown dozens of those things.


I thought I was watching 2001. “Please stop Dave, Dave, please stop.”

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when will nasa make the connection…

I like crystals.

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Movies like The Andromeda Strain have clearly ruined me…


Ooooh! Ooooh! Me! Me!

The crystals themselves aren’t iridescent; the film is shot through a polarising microscope with cross planars. This is birefringence caused by light passing through the crystals in two vibration directions - one faster than the other, creating interference colours.

Geologists spend a lot of time looking down polarised microscopes; interference colours help distinguish minerals in thin sections and let you do cool things such as work out in which order a magma crystallised or the chemical composition of a crystal/


it’s also great for figuring out what has asbestos in it.

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You like CRYSTAL. There, I fixed it for you. :yum:


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