Gorgeous macro photography of titanium aura crystals

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/09/24/gorgeous-macro-photography-of-titanium-aura-crystals.html


As a long time mineral collector, this sort of distortion of natural beauty makes me ill. Polished crystals and dyed agate slices are another mockery.


/\ This!!! Agree 100%

I mean, heating and irradiating to make them look like other forms is bad enough, but these don’t even occur in nature at all!

Besides, any guru worth their salt will tell you that doing this to a crystal removes it’s ability to vibrate naturally in a way to impart any advantages, and blocks the crystal from the crystalline network, and makes it unusable for any higher purposes. Also, see your doctor and take your meds.


Wait till y’all see my upcoming post on beautifully gilded lilies!

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