“I built my rabbit a cart and now he delivers me beer!”

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Hello again, bunny.


This is much better for the planet than the other Rabbit.

My jealousy alarms just went off!

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and what does the rabbit get out of it? Do you pay Wallace?

Can he get the bunny to leave the rug?

yeah I would be impressed if the rabbit paid for the beer itself, but no, it’s pretty ungrateful to the human that made it a cart to deliver beer with. most rabbits don’t get a cart, my rabbit doesn’t have a cart. Why? Because I know it wouldn’t give a damn and I would still have to pay for my own beer.

I think there were some goodies on a bar above the handles, not exactly payment, but at least a reward. An enticement?

It’s a carrot… On a stick… There’s a joke about positive and negative incentives in there somewhere.


Damn, this bunny is going to send the Budweiser Clydesdales to the glue factory.

1000 years in the future:

On Funday, Pope Cyberpaul CX the Sleepy sainted Youtubeman Cartmaker for bringing humanity to the bunnies of Youtube. A statue of Cartmaker was vandalized amid claims of slavery. Uplifted spokescat Box C. DeMaru stated that Cartman was only interested in converting Youtube animals to serve in human dens, depriving billions of bunnies their native customs of laying real eggs instead of chocolate ones. A spokesman for the Vatican-in-Second-life replied. “I haz a sad.”

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