I can't stop laughing about the way that this man provided Amazon with proof that his package was missing

I absolutely hate when there is a unnatural-sounding text-to-speech narration on an Insta/TikTok/Etc video. I don’t know why, I just really find it annoying.

Yeah, same. Or I was sent the wrong thing, and they said, don’t worry we’ll send a replacement. How do I send back the thing that you sent that I don’t want? Don’t bother, just keep it. Or I was sent an extra thing, and when I contacted them to tell them, they said, just keep it.

However, I’ve rarely had a problem with receiving something that I’ve ordered, so that makes me wonder if they keep track of that, so when I do report an issue, maybe they figure that I’m legit because I’ve almost never reported a problem.

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