I did it


I am a college dropout. I accepted employment at a yuuge college system.

It is going to be incredible for all involved. The stars aligned, and things just moved correctly. Literally everything is working out the way I wanted.

Greek Tragedy Waiting In The Wings

Don’t. Don’t even. Don’t even try. We will have our tussle, but not on this day. :sunglasses:


With your little hatchet?


It’s not little! It is appropriate!


Congrats, @japhroaig! Hope it’s all it’s cracked up to be, and then some!



Mazal tov?



Oh hey, congratulations!

[Good news is good!]


You have inspired me to start using ‘appropriate’ in place of ‘small’. I’ll return with an update.

[puts on bunny ears and picks up banjo] Okay! Let’s get appropriate.


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