I Don't Need a Reason, by Dizzee Rascal



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I love the video!

For what it’s worth many of the scenes are artificially looped. Some are easier to spot than others, so id describe it more as a video already made from looping gifs :slight_smile:

Dizzee always puts a smile on my face, his music works better in video format - always changes the tone entirely.

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With a little bit of BB favorite Die Antwoord in the background audio as well?

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Right, pretty brilliant, since it’s basically based upon the style of repeating gif loops, and people may grab clips of it and convert it into actual gif loops and spread the video around for them. I do think it’s likely a subtle viral marketing ploy. They also (smartly) allow anyone to download the video at various resolutions.


Wow, you guys weren’t kidding. This is totally a set of animated GIFs in music video format.

Shame about the music.

It’s a pretty cool angle on the tired old ‘look how rich I got rapping’ shtick.

Also, tassles.


Fucking tassles, how do they work?

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Uh, magnetism?

Magnetitsm. FTFY

Ooh, I got a reference!

I think 1:53 is referencing this perfectly-looped gif: http://i.imgur.com/VQLGJOL.gif

Yeah, you’d think the whole “I have tons of money and enjoy having sex with women” theme would run out of steam after the 10,000,000th iteration.

Someone clearly didn’t listen to the lyrics.

I did, and Kimmo’s got it spot on.

I was referring mostly to the ‘18th century pimp’ visual trappings.

Big props to the compositors…

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