I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house


See, that I could follow. It’s the specificity of the soft and fluffy socks that gets me.

Of course, it’s by this point been decades since I discovered there was a Usenet alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.loose-socks newsgroup. I thought it had to be some sort of euphemism for something really strange, so I checked it out. Nope, just pictures of fully clothed young women with big really loose socks fallen down around their ankles.


Yup. I do love a well-turned-out set of tootsies, but I’m with you and Nanner when it comes to the socks. I guess it’s akin to the used-underwear deal, to an extent, but neither appeal to me. Laundry is laundry.

But the feets themselves… :heart_eyes:


Okay, I have to ask, what thing is this?


For a pimp looking for pubescent street kid rent boys, they’re more valuable if they’re too young to need to shave.

A “friendly” chuck under the chin is a quick way to check if they’re still genuinely “baby faced”.

You’ll see it referenced occasionally in cop shows; it does also exist (rarely, thankfully) in reality.


This thread has taken a strange turn :B




safe socks is good socks

It's a BoingBoing Conspiracy!

In pairs. Solo socks are just sad.

What the hell thread am I in?


Wouldn’t it be fun if @beschizza’s safe is full of old dirty socks?


What kind of dirty socks?


I don’t think I want to go there. Rule 34 is absolute.


As long as there is a… Safe word.


I just made the grossest snort-laugh. The dog is staring at me.


Americans’ most-used safe words:

1.) Red
2.) Stop
3.) Pineapple
4.) Banana
5.) Pineapples
6.) Apple
7.) Yellow
8.) Orange
9.) Safe Word
10.) Mercy
11.) Oklahoma
12.) Safe
13.) No
14.) Purple
15.) Bananas


juliet bravo.


I’m amused by #4 & 11, because I just yell the names of things my husband doesn’t like. This includes bananas, Utah, and Texas.


Curious: why Oklahoma?


I’d stop.