I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house




Stars!!! Didn’t you see my previous post?


Eventually the topic generates so many posts that BBS collapses in on itself and becomes a new star that humanity will call Lucifer.



Come sit by the fire young man. Your quest is to journey among the comments of this ancient thread and find the treasure inside…


Did you check Craig’slist for a safecracker?




MARION, IND. (AP) — Police in northeastern Indiana say a suspected burglar was apparently crushed to death when a more than 900-pound (408-kilogram) antique safe fell over onto him.

The Marion Police Department says a homeowner called Tuesday to report that someone had broken into his garage. The homeowner told police a door frame had been damaged but the garage was so cluttered he couldn’t tell what might be missing. He found the body the next day while cleaning out the garage.

A statement from police says the antique safe had been knocked over and the suspected burglar’s body was found underneath. The Marion Fire Department helped lift the safe so the man’s body could be removed. Police say he was carrying identification, but his name wasn’t immediately released.


To be clear, I “Liked” your post because it’s interesting and adds to the conversation. I’m sad to read that the man was killed.





Should we start a for-profit cult? I think we should. People can Venmo their entire bank accounts to us and then we’ll lock them in a safe so they can learn the true nature of the universe.

Easy money.


Poor little doggo… glued to the wall like that just for the sake of a meme picture.


The legends say that during the Next Awakening, the Red Freckly One will find the Sacred Safe in its ancient tomb and attempt to open it.