I found the best rug tape


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Will it hold dank carpet to the bottom of a safe?


Not for 93 years!



Hmmm. I think this may work with my current couch cushion, i hope at least. It’s a cheap IKEA couch, and when you lean back it causes the part you’re sitting on to slowly slide forward under you. Eventually it ends up half hanging out, it’s a pain in the ass.


Sounds to be a literal one.


It is, i hate the couch but my space is limited and i’d rather not deal with having to replace it since it’s relatively new. I’ve considered putting an anti-slip thing under it so i may give this tape a try.

Edit: Bought a roll, will report on success or failure. If it doesn’t work i expect compensation by @beschizza in the form of dank carpet.


Tape? You haven’t truly experienced carpet until you’ve held it down with vinyl.


Home taping is killing rugmaking.


Did someone mention vinyl???


Hairpiece tape! I always thought Top Stick was called that because performers use it to keep strapless tops from falling off on stage. (Which is how I learned about it.)


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