This tape is perfect for any job that requires a non-slip or sticky surface in the home

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Does anyone look at the Amazon reviews before posting these items? The last few have had a HUGE share of negative feedback. Why not recommend a product that has more than 50% good reviews ANYWHERE on the web?


Will it also be easy to remove, and leave no trace on the surface below?

If you leave it on for a while, the adhesive might damage the surface, the surrounding areas might be significantly darker because the strip or the adhesive might filter out a certain portion of the light, and/or prevent the normal wear and tear of the surface. That might be ok, but it’s something to think about before adding dick-shaped areas of non-slip tape to your wooden living room floor in your rented apartment.

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Hmmm… Sounds like someone might be speaking from experience of putting shapes under the rug… :grin:

OMG the person in the photo was wearing shoes with no socks! I’m traumatised, I tell you, traumatised. Where was the trigger warning for that, eh, BoingBoingShop?

Also, ‘Monkey Grip’? Who needs to grip a monkey? Why? Does it even work on monkeys? Sigh - it’s all too much for me.


I am quite famous for impersonating people who put shapes under the rug.

Uhm, no. There is no urban recycling program that accepts sticky tape for recycling. I think the word you’re looking for is “reused.”

Having slippery floors or vertical surfaces

So if one put this on the walls can they go full gecko?


You have slippery vertical surfaces? There’s an app for that.

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