I found the square root


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What he did there: I sees it.


Do first principles apply here?


This here Grey Squirrel was photographed in a large London park.

It is a Kew brute.


You’ve uncovered a new branch of mathematics. But where’s the radicle?


It’s an approximate square root.


It’s an Apple square root; it has rounded corners.


That’s app-surd.


The square root of tree.


I have been reading about planters around trees, precisely because the frame around the tree in front of our house had pretty much fallen apart. A wee bit of googling suggests that you’re probably well advised to not confine your tree’s roots, and also that you should never heap soil around a tree - both sins that the previous owner indulged in, and now I’m trying to figure out what to do with this tree that won’t involve accidentally killing it or paying a professional arborist.


The forest is not for puns. It’s for deep philosophical questions, like whether bears poop there.


Or about the sound of trees falling!


I dunno about bears, but the Pope sure does.


I’ve heard that pie are squared, also.


Makes me think of http://www.earthporm.com/10-tree-roots-winning-battle-concrete/ .


Yes, and to be more exact, they’d have to use log rhythms.


Do you know where this is? It’s awesome.


That’s not something for us to decide. A forest exists on its own terms, and it moves in us what it will, rather than being fir one specific thing. It may pull you toward contemplation, and that’s okay, but it maple me toward wordplay instead, and that’s oaky too. I don’t think you can ash people to count one inspiration right and the other wrong, when olive it comes just as naturally; there are just times when you have to look past the trees and say pun, forest, pun.

Wait, no, that was all awful? All right, carry on then.


Don’t like it? Call the copse.


All too often, that just leads to pining like a sap for the answers to insoluble mysteries about bears.