I have always assumed the "dinosaur" was a dance


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Was Not Was always makes the day better.


there’s twice as many musicians in that band than seem necessary


Someone is a few years late to this walk the dinosaur meme…


Needs more cowbell.
Seriously, Debra Dobkin - who can really play (http://www.debradobkin.com/discography.php) - gets to play straight fours for three minutes. You’d look pissed too if you had to play cowbell in that suit.


The way her left arm seemed uninterested in being there made me think “she suffered the same fate as Rick Allen? What are the odds?”


The more you know!
“The song’s about nuclear Armageddon,” Jacobs says. “It became a dance because of the video. They connected it with the girls in the little Pebbles and Bam-Bam outfits. All the sudden it became, like, ‘do the mashed potato’ or ‘the twist.’”


Was (Not Was) was (or still is) the strangest band. On the same album as that slice of pop (and a number of others) was "Dad, I’m in Jail."

It was like there were two completely different bands that ended up recording songs on the same album by mistake.

Sure, why not? Based on the lyrics it could be about dancing, sex, or ok, nuclear armageddon…


They were the “Arcade Fire” of the 80s.


see, I had assumed that ‘walk the dinosaur’ was a dance.


the more you know about Was Not Was the more you know you can’t trust anything they say.


Necessary (Not Necessary)


Boom akalaka akalaka laka boom .
Boom akalaka laka boom boom =- That’s the best bit !!


Here’s one that doesn’t say “The uploader has chosen not to make this video available in your country,” at least for me in Canada:

(Incidentally, is there any way to send messages to specific Youtube uploaders, say, in this case, to ask them to please eat a bag of dicks for specifying the restriction?)


This will help you get started on your quest.


Hey, don’t complain. They got Bob Dylan on bass!


Having only heard this song before via the Super Mario Brothers movie (uuuuugh), I was unaware of the “kill the dinosaur” variation at the end…


Don Was is playing this weekend in N.O. at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival


“I don’t think this video got nearly enough play time.”

‘Not available in your country’ - Why break the tradition?


It’s not a dance? Then what is it? The Dinosaur sure looked like a dance there.