I just wanted to maintain my bicycle

Ohoho, that’s Whitney Moore! Formerly from Sourcefed, though more known for being in the craptastic B-movie Birdemic. She also has her own youtube channel where she talks about metal :slight_smile: She’s pretty rad and this commercial seems like the kind of shit she would do.


Huh, you’d think those two things would be more at odds.

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amazon thinks I crossdress, ever since I bought the damn kilt.


Huh-huh-huh…she said, “Butt doctors”…

Okay, so now we know that spit doesn’t work, but apparently, some keep insisting on trying it. Why not some sort of silicone lozenge the…uh…toolmaster?..could chew and THEN spit?

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I feel your pain. Google keeps popping up ads for me for dental implants and joint replacement because I read health articles on Jstor.

I was doing some repairs on a friend’s Telecaster a few years ago, and we decided to replace the stock Tele “cup-jack” that tends to get loose over time, and put in this thing called an Electrosocket that is more sturdy.

So I start comparing them on Stew-Mac and ebay, and for some reason the ebay search also shows me this weird electronic sex toy (bottom right of the photo) which I guess had a similar name, or “electro” and “socket” matched part of its description.



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I like the added touch of Flo grinning like, “I know what you’re looking for!”


Its appalling. Yesterday I searched for “Peter Watts” and it gave me 25 books by “Peter Watt”. I get that returning a broad array of results leads to more sales, but why do they think I want to buy books by authors with similar names?

Also, I never lubricate my drive belt. The manufacturer did recommend a silicone lubricant I could use but they also say it will make no difference to the operation or life of the driveline.

not surprising, since outside the US the word “lube” is almost exclusively used in the sexual sense. Saying you wanted to lube your bike or car will just lead to childish giggling

Getting away from Chuck Tingle and young men’s fancies for a moment, the subject of chain lube is v. srs business among bike mechanics.

How serious?


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They probably assume that a large number of searchers don’t actually know how to spell the name of the author they’re interested in

in most cases, that’s going to be a fairly user-friendly assumption. If I search for “Terry Prattchet” and they give me results for “Terry Pratchett” then the website has done a helpful thing.


I would at least expect it to put precise matches first.

Am I too late to the party?


“…Sam Hannity and his sentient concept lover are locked in the heat of passion, learning the truth about love through politically charged, hardcore anal pounding!”

Hahahahaha! :rofl:


Are these the kind of books those wee old ladies were mysteriously marking the pages of?


I sure hope so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


THANK YOU – https://boingboing.net/2018/04/27/chuck-tingle-covers-sean-hanni.html


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