Cannabis based personal lubricant


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Extraordinary medical claims? Sold in dubious locations? I’m sure this is legit.

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Extraordinary sex claims. Those are even more legit.


Man, if this stuff came in 55 gallon drums I’d go in head(s) first.


O ye of little faith!

…and after your 15 minutes are up what happens?

Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

I want to be held.


Die happy.

Why on Earth would you want to be numb there?

On the other hand, it would have come in handy that time I was messing around with cayenne peppers and then went to the bathroom.

The bottle comes with 20 applications. The real question is what happens when your 5 hours are up.

“A viscous, smooth, slippery substance that will allow you to enjoy at least 15 minutes of continuous orgasms.”

crème caramel


Word up.

You exchange phone numbers.

Who was it in the Maureen Dowd thread who got angry at the suggestion that that cannabis packaging claims ought to be regulated, because we don’t need the gummint interfering in legit business?

Is there a less potent version, so I can see if I can survive ten minutes first?

There is no doubt that personal lubricants are needed. Stress, environment, health and the ingestion of many medications all lead to intimate dryness which is not addressed by the use of saliva… You can buy personal lubes in all kinds of flavors, scents colors and formulations.

The question is - should you?

You can buy lubes with all manner of skin irritants -

  • Fruit flavors
  • Parabens and glycol - nasty artificial preservative chemicals
  • Warming and cooling produced by added chemicals
  • All kinds of artificial colorings which may or may not be food safe
  • Some “natural” lubes are made of seaweed and coconut which may decompose inside you

The lube market is now so competitive that the marketing guys are getting wildly creative as to be viewed as getting a bit silly. You can buy Kosher lube, bacon flavored lube, whisky flavored lube and now Pot flavored lube, which cannot possibly have the beneficial effects that are being claimed. Can the development of Cocaine flavored lube be far behind or maybe even a teflon based lube which could have additional functionality in the kitchen.?

Many of these lube effects are created by using less than safe preservatives and chemicals and there have been cases of permanent damage being done to the genitals. Surely there must be an argument to return to the unmessed about with lubes like the reliable tried and tested pure silicone oil, with no nasty additives to irritate and may damage perhaps the most sensitive parts of any persons anatomy.

ok but can you buy Kosher bacon flavoured lube?’

(Sorry - had to ask)

As the “bacon flavor” in bacon flavored lube will almost certainly be a chemical approximation for this savory crunchy delight, and not made from real swine, I image that this may not affront your local Rabbi, at least on the pork perspective.

However in the small print on the Kosher lube I do wonder if it may say that this lube is intended only for circumcised individuals.

While the “jollification” of personal lubricants has prompted some very innovative marketing ideas, one does have to wonder what the attraction may be for your partner, if in a passionate moment, sensing the aroma of fried bacon in a most unusual location. Does one cease the intimate encounter and go into the kitchen to cook up a bacon sandwich?

I think there are many females that for eons have sensibly fended of guys with the smell of alcohol on their breath. So it is a puzzle to me as to how the recently released whiskey flavored lube may be thought to attract and not actually repel. I surmise that may this lube would appeal to alcoholics or street people, but as for mass market appeal, I cannot see this working too well.

As the acceptance of Pot has gained avalanche proportions it was a forgone conclusion that there would be all kind of THC edibles. However THC in a personal lube and proving that any hallucinatory effects produced - if any - would enhance and prolong orgasms should be the subject of actual clinical double blind testing.
Imagine the irony of having sex in the back seat of you car and then being pulled over by the Police for having THC in your blood stream. The small print on the THC lube packing will have to be carefully drafted by a dream team of lawyers.

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