I like hanging upside down in my Inversion Table




Hmm. I’m thinking this could be the next “alternative desk” option. If I can combine it with my treadmill desk, even better.


The thing looks like quite some expense, or like a pleasant afternoon of cutting and welding.


I, for one, would like to hear more about your unwise yet pretty exciting youth.


Looking good, Jason!


Came here to say that. Stories must be told.


When I went on this ride, I wondered if this would make a good desk arrangement.


I imagine you also wish to make it exceedingly clear that you absolutely deny that you are a psychic, mystic, telepathic, fey, clairvoyant, psychosassic vampire bat.


I picked up an inversion table on Craigslist for $80. It’s great. Every now and then when I wake up with a stiff back, a quick hang in the basement gets things feeling good again.


I remember being told for years that sitting up straight is the best posture for your back. More recent studies say lean back.



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