Briefcase transforms into table, stool and lamp


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Wobble, wobble, wobble, wobble.


I want a bag that transforms into armor and a weapon instantaneously…

Having done a bit of world traveling, I have to admit this would be very handy. I want the cup holder upgrade, though.

Hardware stores should sell hole saws not as parts of lock installation kits, but cup holder making kits.

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I want to know if they got permission to use that Nina Simone song.

Am I weird for wanting this sort of ‘furniture that can be taken apart and put into thing that’s easy to carry’ as permenent furniture for my home?

I made something similar to this, there’s an easy solution to the wobble problem. I used the MDF from a pingpong tabletop i found in the sorority house’s dumpster to make a case for my turntables and mixer where the lid turned into a table. obviously, wobble was not an option. the trick is to drill holes into the legs about 2/3rds from the floor (I used the widest gauge conduit at home depot for legs.) fit two threaded rods into each pair of legs diagonal from each other i.e. make an X pattern. then, expand them with turnbuckles to snug them up. when you break it all down, the rods store inside the legs. worked great, made gigging easy, but even without the million lbs of Technics 1200s in it, that thing was a beast. i tried to keep it a while after I sold my car, but finally gave up on lugging it around.

I’ve carried one of these to gigs for a few years now:

Pretty solid, pretty light. I totally understand why on might want to show up with the whole kit. I love wood, but when strength, rigidity, and weight are the primary factors, then aluminum and plastic are the winners.

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I"d really like to see creative people respect the work of others enough to at least give credit for their work. It would have been so much better had the creator of the video given a credit for the song: “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone.

Pretty to look at but useless unless you’re plan to just display it in a gallery.

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