Open source furniture


404 Nope.

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Following the link I got

Deleted the and it worked…try this:

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The never-ending bench reminds me of these, only giant sized


An awful lot of these require a laser cutter or CNC router (or superhuman jigsaw skillz.) It would be nice to see a top 20 of pieces one can make with ordinary tools. Otherwise it’s like watching Norm Abram showing you how to make a curio shelf… with a barn full of a quarter million dollars of shop tools.


Oh for fuck’s sake. Isn’t furniture, (you know, like chairs, tables, shelves, etcetera), by defintion, “open-source”? I find this post extremely unenlightening. Fah!


I agree. And yet somehow I think it might be subtly implying these are open source for the basis of sending the cad design to a place that does CNC routing and saying here look these plans are open source so it’s okay to use them…

Ironically shop drawing for several thousand dollar pieces of furniture aren’t hard to come by at all. In fact I doubt you’d get in much trouble for producing knock off pieces as long as you weren’t claiming they were original.


Same what I thought. I expected something more like the Hartz IV Moebel ( site is in german only) which provide furniture designs that are cheap and easy to assemble by everybody.

Have you looked around your local area to see if there is a TechShop or community maker space with a ShopBot? I don’t own any power tools, but I am very lucky in that I have a community maker space not far from me and for the price of a gym membership I can use their ShopBot all day long.

This is one place to start:

While I’m reminded of these (which I had as a child)

The “Wall Desk Chalk Board” is pretty clever and would certainly be used in the kids’ playroom. Most of the rest of this, though… meh. I’ll stick to making stuff that doesn’'t require a CNC machine.

I prefer Norm Abram…

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How can you call this “open source” since most of the licenses used for the projects are Creative Commons Non-Commercial. If it’s commercially restricted to use it, it’s not “open source” isn’t it?
Here is a list of real open source furniture we call Libre Objet:

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