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  1. If you’re going to promote things on the store, probably best if you have a “buy” link. Just sayin’.

  2. Personally I use the Scoche Magic Mount magnetic holder*, which though designed for the car, works just as well adhering to countertops, under cabinets, and also to my glass desk. Price; $25.

*not an affiliate link

Now tell us how we can make one ourselves with a 3D printer.

But seriously, I get my tablet stands at the dollar store. They are also surprisingly effective for propping paperback books open. Plus I can take it wherever I like and don’t have to worry too much about losing it (unlike the astoundingly pricey equivalent I bought at Lee Valley Tools).

Thought… What about a pair of hard drive head actuator magnets, possibly the thinner kind from the 2.5" disks, glued to the back of the tablet case? (The strong magnets for free are going to go away with SSD technology, so enjoy them while you can.)

Pieces of steel then could be doubleside-taped to various places around the house, and the device attached/detached with ease.

Start with OpenSCAD…

…or you can use polycaprolatone and mould it freeform. Looks like Alien barf but holds well.

my fridge is covered in these…just a few days ago i bet my 11yr old they couldn’t pull off a stack of 6 of the 1/4" thick ones from the full sized hard drive without sliding it to the edge, sure enough i won the bet.

i made a set of windchimes out of platters, not only does it sound neat it sends reflections all over the deck.

even more bizarrely, I have a dish full of various platter space rings for no reason other then i like them, something about precision machined metal parts…lol. don’t even get me started about large polished bearings, there is something very satisfactory about holding a 2" or 3" polished precision machined bearing. i am weird. (there has to be a name for finding pleasure in machined metal objects, although it is probably a german word…lol.) :slight_smile:

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