I love the Roombas in this clip from "Hocus Pocus 2"

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I want SO very much for this movie to be good. I truly do.




So we have a stock costume witch’s broom, a bubble lawn mower, and a pair of roombas?

Love it!

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I still think it’s kind of icky that the movies are based on the idea that the Salem Witch Trials were a reasonable measure taken to protect the public from actual danger instead of a horrific series of human rights abuses conducted by violent religious fundamentalists.


I’m still less than enthused about Bette Middler getting TERFy about what a “woman” was and offering a “sorry you were offended” nonpology. Sure she has a history of supporting and working with gay people, but plenty of gay people are also transphobic. I haven’t heard her mention anything more detailed about her comments since.

A lot of people have been very rude to her, and I don’t count her comments to them as doubling down, but would be nice to have her explain that she understands the controversy and given an opportunity to clarify her stance.

If that’s happened and I haven’t seen it, feel free to point me to it. Until then, though, my friends’ annual viewing of HP1 might be a tradition we skip this year.

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