I love this Logitech gaming mouse and have no idea why it is cheaper than similar models

I have been using Logitech mice and keyboards for a long, long time. They have always been comfortable, responsive, reliable, sturdy, innovative, and fairly priced.

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If i had to give a complaint about Logitech mice is that the braided cords for it are a vector for breakage. The cord is stiff and can easily kink, once that happens it doesn’t take much for it to fail, i’ve had abut 3 mice fail because of it but with the G502 thankfully it’s worked without any issues so i can only hope its no longer a design problem.

Don’t go Rogue on us

How old is it?

Cause that’s often a sign that the switch is failing. You can crack the thing open and either jerry rig the switch by bending one of its components back into place, or swapping the switches on the right and left buttons. But you tend to only get a few months more out of them before the problem comes back or they straight up break.

Logitech had a serious quality problem for a bit where things just had a much shorter life span than products before or since. The models they’ve been selling for the last 3 years or so are all newer versions or new models built with much higher quality parts. Until about 5 years ago it was kinda hard to tell if you were buying a borderline discontinued model or older version with the QC problems and weak parts.

As someone who has had plenty of issues with my wrists and tried many solutions: even if you do not do art, consider a graphics digitizer (tablet) from Wacom or huion (huion cheaper, Wacom considered more professional)
You’re controlling you computers with a pen. It’s such a dramatically different position from when you use a mouse. So when I feel ANY sort of pain I switch it up. I went from wearing a brace daily when the pain flaired up to having not used one AT ALL in almost a year.
Also, off topic, but if you install the Logitech software you can change or disable the lights. I prefer making them a dim red. Easy to find if it’s dark, but not distracting.

I’ve had some inexplicable problems with lockups lately and found myself constantly concerned about whether the batteries in my wireless mouse were dying or if the computer was just momentarily unresponsive. (It’s probably high time for an upgrade.) So I switched back to my good ol’ Marble Mouse.

It’s nice to see that they’re still readily available and haven’t changed much, but it turns out some UIs absolutely require a scroll wheel these days and the simulated scroll-thingy provided by the (obnoxiously intrusive) Logitech drivers is no substitute.

I know people who use tablets for video editing for the same reasons, or mostly the same reasons. As there are things in video where you are drawing, and graphic/imaging software is heavily used. So tablets are useful anyway.

But as a mouse replacement it can be more intuitive than a track ball, and just as if not more ergonomic. Plus even basic ones tend to have lots of buttons and input options with good dpi and polling rates and shit.

I miss the Logitech TrackManFX I think it was. An index finger trackball with a good number of buttons. I was fantastic at CTF Quake, Starcraft, CS and TeamFortress with it.

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