I love this Logitech gaming mouse and have no idea why it is cheaper than similar models

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I got a generic gaming mouse because I wanted a replacement mouse that fits my hand with a good track wheel. The light show keeps going even when the PC is off. (Short of flicking the switch on the back of the power supply.)

It’s a shame they don’t make gaming keyboards and mice that allow program control over the LEDs. You could zone the keyboard for particular games, or to reflect the game situation.


I have the regular version of this and it is a great mouse. Highly recommended

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I still love Razer products. This is my current mouse (Naga Trinity):

I don’t know about mice, but corsair has a keyboard where you can control the leds programmatically. There even is a linux utility. I only use it to reset the default disco-state to the dimmest white but afaik you can set all (4?) leds under the keyboard to any color you like.

I myself like the logitech mouse where you can turn off the clicks of the wheel. That way you give it a flick to scroll very fast. I’m so used to having that functionality that I’ve bought three of the things for all my working needs. I hope they keep on making them, otherwise I’ll have to use a teensy to make one myself or something like that.


Wired, no thanks. But I will vouch for Logitech, I love my G602.

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with the clicky wheel, it’s a button just below the wheel itself. At least on the 502.
As for the software, if you install the g hub, you can have custom profiles per application.

I have no clue how anyone manages FPS games with a controller. Every time I try it I get annoyed with it in under 5 minutes.


I am more competitive with KB+M but I can win with the controller. It is kinda like learning to play tennis with a baseball bat tho.


Yeah and I am too old for that shit. I suck enough with keyboard and mouse so why make it worse.


I use this:

No special software needed. The keyboard keeps it’s configuration when moved between computers. Works great for linux. You can do ridiculous custom lighting and even animations.

P.S. Can also do cool things like allow special behavior for tapping vs holding keys, precise timing control and lots of other stuff Oh, and every individual keyswitch is user replaceable.

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Most of them do. My mouse lets you control on off, color. Brightness and there are fixed programmed patterns for various pre programmed color change and fade in fade out cycles. Most of the newer LED keyboards I’ve seen allow the same with things broken up into rows or sections. My mouse will even store those settings as part of a game control profile and it can all be stored on the mouse itself, so they can be used on multiple computers. And both internal components and keyboards seem to be pushing more control of individual LEDS, so the capability is there.

Seems like it’s more that the software isn’t that granular. But I’m sure there’s something out there that can do it.

Now I learned all this trying to figure out how to kill all the lights on my shit. Cause I hate it, and it’s increasingly hard to find stuff with out RGB weird.

This is why I suck at games, I use a Magic Trackpad on my desktop setup.

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I have a Roccat Kova, IIRC it allows some control over the colors under Windows. You can use them to show you which profile is active, and for other stuff.

It has lots of keys (and a shift function for even more keys), stores several profiles inside the mouse (so you can program it on a windows machine and use it on a Mac), and is ambidextrous. You can even program buttons to reduce the tracking resolution, so while you hold the button it becomes more sensitive. I use it for drawing mostly, but it’s advertised as a gaming mouse. Mostly available for €30 in stores these days.

I have the G502 Hero, and I overall like it, but it does have the issue where it will register single clicks as double clicks from time to time. It seems endemic with this model. Hopefully they fixed that with the SE.

Cool. Is it allowed to use it without beard, though? :smile:

Might be handy if you travel a lot. For myself I prefer the most standard layout possible. No separate number keys would be a dealbreaker for me.

I use a Ouija Board. It works pretty well, although my late grandma keeps butting into my team chats.


Yes, but really you should call her more.


Just focus on Missile Command and Centipede.