I’m Done Having Children. So Why Should I Pay for Maternity Care?


Congressman Scott Perry (R-Pa): I’m Done Having Children. So Why Should I Pay for Maternity Care? -Ragingchickenpress

Stephanie Gray: I think one of the points why it may feel like a war one women or it could disproprtionately impact women if states, I don’t think Pennsylvania will do this, but if the state does take the waiver for the essential health benefits, one of the first things to go for individual insurance will be maternity care. Prior to the affordable care act, unless you have employer based insurance, you cannot buy maternity care.

Congressman Scott Perry: I don’t want maternity care. I have two children, and we’re not having anymore. I don’t want to pay for maternity care.

Alissa Packer: But that’s a societal…who is going to take care of you when you’re old?

Perry: But that has nothing to do with maternity care. We’re talking about the cost of bearing children.

Packer: The women who are having the children need to have them in a safe manner.

Perry: No, I agree completely, but I’m not having anymore. You’re asking me to pay for things that I’m never going to use.



Awesome. I’m never going to join the military or run for congress. Can I stop paying for them?


In 10 years, my kid will be done with public school, why should I pay for it after that, and why did I have to pay for it for the 20 years I worked and payed taxes before I even had a kid?

What an anti-social turd.


This is such a bad argument it’s hard to believe it isn’t a Straw Man invented by the Left. The GOP really ARE that clueless, selfish and cruel.


The true conservative viewpoint on the subject would be that a stitch in time saves nine: pay for general maternal care and early childhood education now, and those kids grow up to be productive tax-paying citizens; save a few pennies now, and pay a lot more down the road for higher police, court, and prison costs.

They CLAIM to be conservative, right?


A good deal of those same people also claim to be Christians, yet look how well they follow the Golden Rule.


“But I don’t have leprosy! Why are you healing them?


As a Canadian…

I don’t how y’all life, I really really don’t.




Don’t worry. Most of us Americans wonder the same thing.


This is the correct definition of anti-social. He does not want a functioning society.


We don’t live. Most of us barely even survive.


But then again, who does?


My word choice in that line was very deliberate. :smirk_cat:


Perry is a buffoon.

That should cover any and all other comments he’d make.


Mostly desperation and unfocused rage.


I’m amazed he has a functioning family.


I know I keep saying it, but most of the Republican Party stopped being conservative quite some time ago in favour of being political reactionaries.


Me too.

I’m literally astonished that he isn’t divorced.