I made sure my Brooks B17 saddle was comfortable on its first ride

Yup. I suggest 2 good coats over the course of a week before you start using the saddle, then use the saddle and don’t treat it again until you need to.

Weather in my part of the world, and I won’t likely take the bike outside a 15-20 mi radius from my home, is rain about 7-8 days a year. I am not worried. I also don’t run fenders and trust the Obenauf’s on the underside of the seat to be good enough.

When it rains there are cars and buses.

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the material and manufacturer are secondary concerns.

whether a saddle is right for you depends on:
A) your sit-bone width
B) how your sit-bones fit into the the wide part of the saddle as determined by your riding style i.e. how angled your sit-bones lay due to bending over the bike from your hips.

a time-trial or triathlon rider is bent over the bike greater than 90° and reached fully forward on aero bar extensions. this type of rider wants their saddle to match their sit-bone width almost exactly and will prefer a more flat-top than a contoured profile.

a casual rider on a fully upright bike like a beach cruiser or Dutch bike will have no angle on their sit-bones and will need around 4cm outboard of either sit-bone, which is to say: sit-bone width in mm + 80mm

relevant graphics:

full video:

you can see from the pic he chose for the embed that he’s chosen an increment halfway between “sport” and “race” i.e. 1.5cm/15mm for a total addition of 30mm wider than his sit-bone width.

he uses aluminum foil to measure sit-bones but I got better accuracy using corrugated cardboard, personally.

none of this will matter so much if you don’t have your seat raised to your proper height for proper leg-extension. you want almost full leg extension at the pedal’s lowest point but with a slight bend always in the knee.
NEVER LOCK OUT YOUR KNEES. also don’t slide left-and-right over the saddle to achieve leg extension, either.

supplemental: damn near everything you’d want to know about saddles, including a great video on stopping and starting:



I replaced the Fizzik saddle that came with my bike new 14 years ago with a Selle Anatomica X2 ( Selle Anatomica X2 Series Saddle | X2 Bike Saddle ). The Fizzik was still comfortable but I felt as though I was getting more contact on areas that aren’t meant to bear weight. The X2 has a slot, which has eliminated that problem. After a couple of months riding with it I still find that I need to tighten the bolt a quarter turn before each ride to keep my sit bones where they belong.

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