Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag


My Crumpler messenger bag (no idea what model, holds 15" laptops) has been going strong for many years now. I’d happily buy another from them when the time comes to replace this one.

Edit: It’s the Part and Parcel, apparently. Had it since 2007, anyway.

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Poly and nylon bag. It reminds me of the Velco shoes I had in grade 2.

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It’s a classic! I never had one in my messenger days, but I always admired the craft of the Timbuks.

Yes, but leather and canvas are too heavy for no good reason other than looks. Velcro needs to be go away, however.

Likewise. I’ve had the crumpler 17" for almost ten years, and have used it daily in all weather and travelled with it, and it still looks almost new.

I have an original Chrome Metropolis bag which is… 17 years old now - which makes me feel old to think about. It doesn’t look new, but it’s in decent shape. I have used it for work and even lived out of it at times, and still use it whenever I go out. I organized a group buy with some of my messenger friends in Boston, it was Chrome’s first order on the east coast.

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I second the synthetic preference over leather or canvas. Retroreflectors are more commonly seen in synthetics as well, if you are riding anywhere at night. They also tend to be more waterproof with less maintenance.

But I prefer velcro for such applications. When most fasteners (zippers, clasps, etc) fail, they fail catastrophically. You know when velcro starts to go bad. That being said, the velcro on my chrome bag is still going strong after ~11 years of daily use. The velcro is in addition to clips that serve to secure the flap.

My Timbuk2 bag is well over 10 years old, and still going strong. The red color has faded in the sun, but it’s still waterproof and holding together.

Just feel the need to point out that it’s impossible for you to have been using this bag for the past two years, as it just came out in April. Timbuk2 updated the classic messenger this year (hence the “2014” in the name). The old classic messenger is, as you say, awesome. But the new one has a lot of changes. But I love their bags, and I bet the new one is great too.

It is certainly possible that Matthew experienced two Earth years within your six months, but perhaps not probable.

was the first messenger in ATL to use a Chrome. bought with my first payday, spring of '02. can confirm it is a durable beast. all weather, taken hits and scraped it down the asphalt (held up better than my ass,) stuffed it overflowing with records to a million gigs. reliable. still waterproof to this day. some of the plastic buckles are kaput.

never had a Timbuk2, but everyone else had them. legit as well.

These are the real deal.
I have a made in san francisco messenger, and a backpack as well. Both have been all over the place with me, kicked under airplane seats, spilled food on the inside, smelly work-out clothes, and just carted to and from the office daily.
Many, many years and they only show signs of use, barely wear. I very highly recommend them.

Carried a 17in laptop around in the larger-sized Commute for about three years and the main seam where the top flap joined the rear pocket split right in the middle. Very odd, near as I could tell there’s zero stress in that area and the rest of it still looked brand new. I sent it in for repair expecting they’d re-sew it with a gusset and lo and behold they declined to repair! Must have been a material defect or something as they gave me a coupon code for the price of a new one instead! :slight_smile: As attached as I’d become to the old one it was discontinued and the new model is even better! :slight_smile:

I got my custom messenger back in 2007 I think. I went to the store in SF. It’s held up great, better than backpacks I’ve owned. Limited Edition. Handmade in San Francisco. Quality Shit Since 1989.

I got a jumbo size Timbuk2 thats going on 15 years old now and still serviceable. Got a second smaller one that does my every day cary about 5 years ago and its still looking pretty.

I’ve had one for about two years now. I’m liking it more now that it’s broken in some and the strap isn’t super stiff anymore. Mine has a quick release buckle that I don’t really use and feel it’s just unneeded bulk on the side.

My old bag was a bag from a motorcycle gear manufacturer. The Timbuk2 bag carries its weight more nicely, but I do miss the exposed external pocket of the old bag. It was a great place to stash things a) without having to undo the flap (eg, when grabbing the mail or a newspaper and wanting to free up your hands) and b) that were wet or dirty that you don’t want in the main compartment (eg, gloves covered in snow, used umbrellas).

A Timbuk2 without the quick release and with an extra external pocket would be perfect for me…

I’ve had an XL custom Timbuk2 bag since 2000, and L (non-custom) bag since 2001. Several years ago I was out in front of my office on a windy day, and a tree branch cracked off and crashed down on me. It mostly landed on my shoulder and L bag. My then 9 year old bag ripped at the strap. I contacted Timbuk2 and send the bag back and they send me a voucher for $100 to replace it.

Seriously, I would list my bag as the base for my everyday carry.

I got a Timbuk2 Bag in the late 90s that I loved. Fantastic design. It finally got too grimy for me to take to work without me feeling like a slob. I got a new one last year. Its not nearly as nice. There aren’t as many smaller/well placed pockets and the quick release on the strap keeps releasing itself (so annoying). I miss using old back but I can’t seem to get it clean.

I didn’t say I had experienced this specific model of Timbuk2 bag. Mine is totally different colors, for starters. And when I bought it, they had at least two different options for material to use, and I’ve no idea what the reviewed bag uses.