Airbus patents Cattle-Class seating

Update: Dupe!

“Cop a feel” seating.

Quite frankly, I think I’d be happier with those seats then the current ones.
At least with those standing saddles I can periodically move my legs to regain bloodflow.

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When I look at this patent, I see a Kraftwerk album cover.


Aren’t there supposed to be oars on this? And a big guy with a drum?


I think they’re missing a real chance here. Rather than arraying passengers in only two dimensions, they really ought to be utilizing the vertical dimension as well. I suggest that planes be outfitted with rows of tubular berths stacked three or four high. Or better still, passengers could be drugged before they embark, and just stacked in the plane like cordwood. They’d just go to sleep at one end and awaken in the recovery lounge at their destination.

At least our aerospace companies aren’t content to leave the field of soul-sucking discomfort to bus-shelter designers.

Would these (I’m struggling to call them ) seats offer any protection in the event of a crash? The seat back in a conventional airliner does a good job of protecting your spine, this looks like it’s designed to snap it cleanly.

RyanAir is going to love it.

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Personally I would hate to see the “improvement” made to this patent that allowed Boeing to avoid litigation.


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