I prefer this cheap leather case for the Kindle Voyage


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What about a case lined with solar cells? So the thing can be always kept charged, merely by being exposed to light?
Ebook readers have minuscule power consumption, and trickle-charging from solar panels could keep their batteries full and happy.


Does this case autowake when the cover is opened?

From the post:

Try a bigger magnet? A thin, coin-shaped NdFeB one, glued to the case so it activates the Kindle’s built-in sensor with higher reliability?

Yeah, I have been considering how I want to open the cover to remove the old and insert a one. It works >75% of the time and the button is right there, so I’m not in a rush. It is also very likely Jason got a slightly weak magnet and not a general problem, If I really want it to work via the magnet right now I can open and close the cover.

My motorcycle mechanic refers to such things as “Character.”


Not working in almost 1 of 4 tries? That would drive me mad! :stuck_out_tongue: (if I wasn’t already…)


Oh, thanks - I missed that somehow.

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Can you fold the cover easily behind while reading, or does it need to stay open like a paper hardcover?

Wraps around. Pinches my fingers. I like it.

Oh! I didn’t understand the pinching the fingers bit in the post. Now I do! Excellent, thanks.

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