The new Kindle Voyage and the best portable scanner


I saw the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Voyage side by side at Best Buy last week. And while the Voyage does seem to have a nicer screen, I’d be hard pressed to say it’s worth the nearly 50% price premium over the Paperwhite.

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Agreed, for one significant reason- the new haptic buttons don’t really work well. They feel cheap, like they’re going to break at any moment, and they don’t at all make the Voyage feel like a premium device. I was all set to upgrade my wife’s Paperwhite (she’s a voracious reader who just released a book for librarians on how to select romance novels for a collection) but put it back down. I’m willing to believe there’s a premium e-book experience worth $200; this isn’t it.

The e-reader is a lie?

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Just like the cake is.

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Great Read. Does anyone here use for organizing book notes? Just wondered how anyone else was managing their notes?

yeah very dramatic… I was wondering about that too… enough to listen to that part even - I think it’s a typo and supposed to be “line” rather than “lie”

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