I remember 'Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor'


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I… I didn’t know they had died…


I am not aware of taking any drugs, but watching that video made me feel as though I had.


I don’t condone beating up dinosaurs.


between Hanna Barbera and Sid and Marty Kroft who does one really need drugs?


I am so sorry I missed this, it sounds like a magical train wreck!


I prefer this version of Mightor


Is that Casey Kasem narrating ?


Not if you happen to have some marijuana handy =3.


This looks absolutely fabulous.

I recently rewatched “Land of the Lost” and it didn’t disappoint.
I think you have to appreciate it for what it is.

Also, i long for the days of wasting time and being bored. Those were some good times.


I watched a few of those on youtube and was surprised at the writing talent they were able to get for the first season.


Land of the Lost actually started on the Krofft Superhow (or whichever version of the Krofft variety show was extant at the time, too lazy to properly look it up ^^’), then split off as a separate feature for a good bit. Frankly, as such goes, it wasn’t really bad at all compared to its peers, no matter how silly it looks now. They did a LOT with their $5 special effects budget! For example, you NEVER see more than 3 sleestacks, simply because they had 3 outfits.

Coincidentally, after a certain drunk escapade, my nickname in the Army was “Sleestack” for a while xD. And amusingly enough, there’s also a potent cannabis strain of the same name…


Land of the Lost is brilliant and amazing. Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor is baffling.


I wasn’t equating the two. Actually, I was trying to emphasize that LotL is actually pretty damn good, considering its budget. Their F/X and foley guys were simply brilliant.

My only point here is that MDatMM (sorry, these titles use a lot of finger grease) makes my dope taste good. I’ve seen better cartoons, certainly, even for that very purpose, but I’m also somewhat of an animation hobbyist (of all sorts), so I’m happy to sample new (to me) silliness =).


Totally. Old HB cartoons are very good for that. I’m getting pretty baked just watching Buffy season 4 and cleaning my closet.


Kids programs are weird.


Hey, I remember this one!

I remember not liking it.

There were three networks* running Saturday morning cartoons, and there were no DVRs, so us 60s kids had to be picky, and this was one of the 'toons I gave a pass on.

*Also, three syndication channels (in the NYC market) showing monster movies, repeats of old cartoons, and WONDERAMA!


Sorry - but Captain Caveman was the first superhero- and Adobe Dick predates Moby.



I wonder if those sound effects are available anywhere. I could use them.


I. I does one need drugs.